Performance for The 8th AAiSS Ceremony

xex xex / August 27, 2016 /

Presented by the participants of “Shocking Innovation Club”, the opening performance consists of the band playing DIY electronic music instruments with original visual effects. Newly created for this performance, Water Drum, Conductive Drawing Piano & Modular Guitar together jam the sounds and visuals and create live music samples, giving the audiences a fresh sensory experience.

Water Drum is an instrument that uses capacitive sensors to detect fingers hitting the drum.

The Conductive Drawing Piano generates modular sounds once the pointed edge of the pencil is in contact with the conductive area on the paper (drawn with conductive ink).
The sounds is synthesized with littleBits.

The Modular Guitar is another instrument made with littleBits, with more controls on the timbre, tone and beats of the synthesized sounds. (Left)
Instruments made for the Performance. (Right)

Kinetic cardboard toys made by students at the primary school workshops.